Taizhou Huangyan Tianxi Plastic & Mould Co.,Ltd is located in the famous China Mold Making Center - Zhejiang Huangyan. It is a professional manufacturer of mold injection molding. Our company mainly produces all kinds of high-end molds, such as automobile parts and daily necessities. Product users all over the country.

The company introduced advanced CNC machining centers, high-speed milling, electrical impulse and other precision machining equipment, to provide customers with product processing, mold truly integrated service. The company has a group of experienced engineers, with advanced CAD / CAE / CAM computer technology, combined with years of mold design and manufacturing experience, the true realization of the reverse modeling, mold flow analysis, mold design and manufacture of the integration process, as well as to carry out CAE molding process analysis, reducing the risk of mold development and production cycle

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